Pottery Barn Wannabe - DIY Glitter Hanging Bats

I am a Pottery Barn junkie!  I get excited when the new catalogue comes in the mail every. . .single. . .time!  I, unfortunately, am not a millionaire, or even a thousandaire for that matter, and do more Pottery Barn shopping in my mind than in real life!  With all that being said, a few of weeks ago I came across this adorable display on the Pottery Barn Kids website.  Now, even though Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year, I am more of a harvesty. . .burlapy. . .gordy kind of decorator as oopposed to a Halloween kind of gal!  Diva, I know! 

But. . .when I saw these I just HAD to have them to work into my decor!  When I saw the $9.00 price tag though, I decided that I could probably make my own!!  Imitation is the best type of flattery right? 

So, I set out to make some fake Pottery Barn Bats!

From Hobby Lobby I purchased the following supplies:

          * Glittered black sheets of felt (1 sheet made 3 bats)
          * Glittered white sheets of felt (1/2 sheet made 4 stars)
          * Roll of 10 g Cotton Perle embroidery floss
          * Small bottle of Sobo Premium Craft and Fabric Glue

From the Internet:

          * I enlarged the above photo until I had the bats the size that I wanted them.  I then printed out  the picture and cut out the bats to use as my templates.

From my own pool of resources:

         * I have a die cut machine at the school I work at so I found the perfect size star, cut it out on a piece of scrap paper, and used it as a template.

I'm thinking that telling you how to assemble the bats would be a waste of my time since I am confident that you are all smart people!!!  In a nutshell I. . .cut out the bats and the stars. . .cut my string to length and glued everything together.  I then stuck them under a few really heavy books until the glue dried! I did make my bats double sided so they look the same from both sides as they twirl around. . .and it made them really sturdy. . .and it was an excellent way to hide the string!  Three bats. . .one stone!  Bam!

What do you think?  Pretty close right?  My cost?  About $3.00!  And, I still have enough supplies to make 3 more bats! 

Next up to create. . .Pottery Barn Garden Wine Bottle Basket !

I'll keep you posted!


  1. not much of a halloween fan here either, but these are really stinkin cute! :)

  2. ADORABLE..Make momma a set!

  3. I loooove Halloween and love these!!! Great job.