Is it wrong to get excited about this?

I got almost giddy last night when I came home from work and the new Pottery Barn Catalog was sitting with the pile of mail on the kitchen counter!  I like to secretly think that I'm some kind of fashionable decorator and this is the new photo book for the Spring / Summer season!  Then, I like to think that I'm a millionaire, and can afford anything and everything that I want!  THEN, I pop back down to reality and start planning my next trip to the Pottery Barn Outlet where I MIGHT be able to afford a few items so that I'm able to say that I shop at, and decorate with Pottery Barn items!  You only wish you were as cool as me right?  I know!  I know!!  Don't hate!!

Off to cozy up with my dreams of one day owning everything in this magazine, or trying to re-create it on a budget!

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  1. I love the Pottery Barn catalog! I have got to try Nutella. I have been hearing so much about it and it looks so good!