A busy night with a little time for a celebration!

11-11-11. . .how cool that such a monumental "number" date turned out to be Veteran's Day!  I just love seeing all of the Patriotism that comes with this day! 

What might be a little less known is 11-10. . .the Birthday of the United States Marine Corps!  Seeing that we have a fellow Marine in our family, we always have to make sure we wish the United States Marine Corps a Happy Birthday!  Happy 236th birthday to be exact!

Chuck. . .many moons ago!

To honor such a wonderful day (LOL!). . . I set out to finish up a DIY project that had been rolling around in the back of my mind for the past few weeks!

Pottery Barn Wine Basket
Growing up, my sister and I each had a favorite color.  Her's was pink and mine was purple!  Needless to say, we were always receiving "color coded" items for gifts!  A couple of weeks ago, my Mom came across my old purple Easter Basket!  She brought it over to me hoping that I could breath a bit of life back into it!!!

I got to work!  This past weekend I took advantage of the warm weather and spray painted my purple basket with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint we had in the closet!  I set it aside during the week to make sure it was nice and dry!  I measured out some burlap trim and some hemp twine. . .warmed up my hot glue gun. . .and bam. . .I created a nice little Pottery Barn "wanna-be" wine (or anything) basket for that matter!

I think I'm going to give it as a Hostess gift to sweet Holly on Thanksgiving filled with all kinds of special treasures!  I'm pretty excited with how it turned out considering I used things that I found in my craft drawers! 

Happy Veteran's Day!!

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