Is spring just around the snowy, icy corner?

Dear February,
I'm sorry to say that I am happy to see you go!  I think you are great and all, what, with your holiday of lovers and such, however I'm really in need of some warmer weather!!!

It seems that when you left yesterday, you forgot to take with you your cold weather friends.  What happened?  Don't you miss them?  It was 14 degrees when I awoke this morning, and I thought that there might actually be 29 days in you this year.  Were you confused as well?  You must have been.  It's ok, I forgive you!

Don't let it happen tomorrow. . .got it?

Love Always,


Welcome March!!!!

I just found out today that McDonalds has Shamrock shakes again!  These are MY FAVORITE!!!!  I might have to work one into my diet in the near future!  I so wish they were calorie free!!!  Pipe dreams my friends. . .pipe dreams!!!

P.S. - Know what I found out. . .today is National Pancake Day!  Darn!  I could have gone for a warm stack of pancakes this morning!  Oh well. . .maybe tonight. . .after all IHOP is giving out free short stacks of pancakes until 10pm tonight!  That sounds right up my alley!!  A short stack is just the right dinner amount for me!

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