I'm a little bit Mexican. . .He's a little bit Rock n' Roll!

My husband and I. . . Isn't it amazing to really think about just how different you can be from your spouse. . .I mean. . .polar opposite different???  What I find more amazing is the fact that, over time, we have melded into one, liking what the other likes, and becoming interested in things that were never thought possible!

Take for example music, my husband has always loved rock. . .he can pick out the different instruments, hone on on the different guitars.  Me?  I like just about everything!  Put me in the South. . .I can dig country.  Put me in a theater, I swoon over Broadway showtunes!  Sit me next to my husband, I can head bang with the best of them!  My workout playlist proves my point to a T. . .where else can you work out to Taylor Swift and Metallica all in one morning?!?!  Here baby!

I'm telling you. . .I married a real gem!!!  Seventeen years ago, I bet if you asked the 18 year old fresh faced Marine if he thought one day that he would be strolling happily around the mall with his wife shopping through the Michael Kors purses helping her to find just. . .the. . .right. . .perfect. . .one, he would have told you NO. . .NO. . .NEVER!!  It really is all about give and take!!!!  And it really did happen!!  Unfortunately however, they didn't have the MK I was looking for. . .bummer!

We make the perfect team. . .he and I!  But truthfully. . .I'm really not Mexican. . .

I just like Mexican food so much that I question my ethnicity often!

Actually, I found myself questioning who my parents were on Friday evening!  Chuck and I had made it out of the snow hole that we call home, and decided to do a little shopping!  After a couple of returns, and a few new spring t-shirts for the boys, we got hungry!!!  Like. . .really hungry!  Que?  Hola On the Border!!!!

I chose to take it easy on the free chips and salsa!  I only ate about 6 or so!  I then opted for the healthier section of the menu. . .Grilled chicken breast topped with salsa, cilantro, and on the side. . .grilled veggies and rice!  It was excellente!!!  My belly couldn't hold all the rice though!!

Next stop?  My words can not even express what comes next. . .a visual will have to do:

No worries. . .I had one doughnut and washed it down with my favorite Krispy Kreme coffee. . .the Cafe Kreme made with skim milk!!!  In the past I used to eat 3 doughnuts, and then leave with a belly ache.  My portion control has vastly improved making my treat that much more enjoyable!

Now. . .off to talk about the tattoo convention that will be in Detroit this weekend that my husband wants to attend. . .maybe I'll listen to Harry Conick Jr. on the drive there!

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