I am the best Mom. . .nEVER!!!

Oh. . .good ole' St. Patty's Day. . .a day when you can freely pinch people that aren't wearing green. . .a day when eating green food, doesn't mean food poisoning. . .a day when a mother buys her two school aged children Shamrock Shakes for breakfast!!!!  Ah. . .good ole' St. Patty's Day!

We thought we were pulling a fast one this morning!  Connor, Jared, and I got ready extra early and snuck quietly out of the house and headed to McDonald's before school to get them a holiday milkshake FOR BREAKFAST!!!  Oh. . .I was bound and determined to score huge cool points with two of my children today!  And it appeared it was working!!!

Bow to me all you other Mothers who only wish you could be this cool!!!

About 9:30 AM a little person comes running into my office telling me that Connor's teacher needed help right away. . .Yikes. . .I was sure hoping she was OK!  Turns out she was. . .it was my son that was spewing his St. Patty's Day treat all over his classroom floor!  By the time I made it down the hall, she had Connor out in the hall and he was not done yet!  After a little treasure in the hallway, we finally made it to the little boy's room where he proceeded to puke like a drunk leprechaun in the stall!

After a short drive home and one more little gift about 30 seconds after walking in the door. . .he was finally done!  I was just bragging the other day how my children had managed to stay healthy throughout all the germs flying around at school!  I got Connor situated on the couch with a garbage can nearby, kissed Nolan (our little one) on the cheek, and waved goodbye to my husband as I was squealing my tires pulling out of the driveway!  Hey, I'm usually the one that ALWAYS deals with the sick, pukey, children. . .I wasn't taking any chances that my husband might try to escape his new found duties!

Back to work I went. . .completely upset that Connor had the flu. . .or so I thought!  Chuck was kind enough to give me hourly updates on his little patient.  First hour. . .Connor was laying on the couch laughing at cartoons. . .no hurling.  Second hour. . .Connor was playing with a Lego set while sitting up on the couch. . .no hurling.  Hour three. . .Connor was BEGGING to go outside and play. . .no hurling.  Fourth hour. . .Connor was playing outside using his bird caller to talk to the springtime birds. . .no hurling.  Hour five. . .Connor was bored so he decided to lay back down on the couch and take a nap. . .no hurling.  Sixth hour. . .Connor had escaped the couch and was looking for something to play with in his room. . .and. . .nada puking!  

Great!  Through process of elimination, it dawned on me that my "cool points" ended up making my 7 year old vomit!  I am the best Mom nEVER!!!  I think the Shamrock shake was just too rich for his belly that early in the morning!  Who woulda' thought?  He told me that he never wanted to drink one of those milkshakes EVER AGAIN!  My cool points are now in the negative with one of my children!  Bumster!

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