Will I ever grow up?

This past weekend, my little sister and her husband were in town for a visit!  Now. . .they don't exactly live REALLY far away. . .just about 3 hours. . .but far enough that we don't see them but every few months!  Needless to say. . .when we get together, we never cease to amaze our mother by acting like crazy kids again!  Case in point. . .our Friday evening photo shoot!

Jill is 7 years younger than "your's truly"!!!  Although we don't look much alike. . .we have a TON of the same mannerisms!  I take after our Dad with natural curly hair and blue eyes, and my sister looks like our Mom with sunkissed skin and brown eyes!  I think she might be. . .a. . .tad. . .more. . .photogenic than I am!!

Now. . .how can you go through an entire goofy photo shoot without spanking a little hiney?!?!?

And here. . .as always. . .I'm not good with the follow through!!!  Hey. . .I'm taking my cue from the photographer!!

This is the look that always got my sister what she wanted when we were little!  Apparently still works. . .she wanted to do some jumping pictures!

And. . .looks like I was having a little trouble on the 1. . .2. . .3. . .jump instructions!!

So, we tried it again!

I have the vertical jump of a turd!  I promise. . .it felt like I was jumping high!

Since we do live in the crappy spring weather state of MI. . .we headed inside the house where my husband continued to follow us around like he was the papparazzi!  Trust me. . .I have about a million more photos that look similar to this!!!

Our evening was a BLAST!!  Hanging around family is always fun!  Now. . .if only I could get everyone to get rid of their darn cats!!!!!

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