I left my lungs on the side of the road

Today, the temperature in my van said 57 sparkly degrees outside!!!  Yes friends. . .57. . .not 7 or even 27. . .FIFTY SEVEN!!!!  Holla!

Know what that put me in the mood to do???  RUN OUTSIDE for the first time in . . .like. . .forever!!!

Did you catch that?  FIFTY SEVEN degrees people. . .in Michigan. . .in March!!!  We are seriously pushing flip flop weather now!!!  I was so excited to get home and RUN OUTSIDE!!!

I quickly drove home. . .ran in the house. . .asked my husband just how hungry he was, to which he replied "starving". . .ignored my husband's "starving" comment. . .put on my running clothes. . .clipped on my iPod. . .and headed out the door!!!!  Exhilaration was coursing through my veins!!  My feet were finally tapping the outdoor pavement for the first time since last year!  I was finally doing something other than spinning for my evening cardio!  I was totally soaking up the vitamin D!  And then it hit me. . .like a ton of bricks. . .the fact that I have not run since last year!

If you had x-ray eyes. . .I am positive that you would have seen my lungs. . .BLEEDING!!  Not even my music was helping!  I had to use the old beginners method of. . .OK, if I can just make it to that mailbox, then that garbage can, then the house with blue shutters, then the train tracks. . .you know the method. . .run to one landmark and the set your sights on another close landmark, and keep running telling yourself that the next one is just a few steps away!

See me in pain up there?  I must confess that I believe I left my lungs on the side of the road about a mile into my run.  I feel like I had to. . .I think they were made of fiberglass!  Just call me. . ."lungs on fire"!!!

Here I was after dragging myself back into my driveway quickly realizing that my husband had been standing in the yard snapping pictures like some kind of private eye!

And. . .here I am after learning what was on the menu for dinner.  PIZZA!  I'm always FAMISHED after a good lung bleeding!!

Better get ready to strap on my running shoes again. . .It's supposed to be 62 tomorrow!  Hot diggity dog!

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