And the animals came to the ark. . .2 by 2!

Well, just as expected. . .Saturday started with a bang!  Or should I say. . .flood!  This is one of the unfortunate times that the forecasters were dead on!  Our backyard is now a small lake!

Because of the horrible weather, we decided to pile the boys in the van and head a little over an hour away to a fantastic camera store (Camera Mart) for Chuck, and after, a HUGE 3 story mall (Somerset Mall) for me!!!

Our first stop was Camera Mart!

Connor and I modeling for the camera as Chuck tried out a new lens!
After about 2 hours tooling around the "Mart" (good thing they had a play area for children), we jumped in the van and headed to the mall!

After navagating the parking structure, we entered on the 2nd floor skywalk!  The first store I spotted was Restoration Hardware!  The store is SO cool that even our 11 year old, Jared, wanted to go in!  I was like a cat on the scent of a mouse though, and passed by Restoration (while grabbing the latest catalog), and floated right in to the Michael Kors store!  I would like one of everything please!  Or not.  .darn!!!

The next place we hit was The North Face. . .I may or may not have spent my life savings. . .in my mind!  Good save Amy!  Good save!

Now, as you can imaging, the boys were just about done by this point. . .until they spotted the LEGO store!  They have never been to a LEGO store before and were so excited!  We let them each pick out one small thing for being such troopers!  We hit Urban Outfitters and then Macy's for a potty break, before we started to get hungry!  We truthfully only made it around one floor at Somerset before we decided to call it quits!

I knew just what we were having as soon as we spotted it:

Bonus time. . .I had a buy one get one free coupon!!!  Chuck indulged in a huge burrito, while I opted for the "free" burrito bowl filled with cilantro lime rice, black beans, grilled chicken, fresh salsa, lettuce, and a little bit of cheese!

I ate all the way down to the rice before I just couldn't eat another bite!  The boys each got a quesadilla meal with a side of chips, rice, and beans!  Would you believe we walked out of there only spending $19.86?  Best ever!!!!  I totally dig bogo coupons!!!

Guess what we exited the restaurant to. . .SNOW!!  Again!  The best part of the snowy weather. . .we were over an hour from home!  Could you catch the sarcastic tone in my last sentence?  Thanks so much Michigan!  We did make it home safely, but my stomach was a large knot by the time we finally pulled into the driveway!

After my wild and crazy day of very little spending in a VERY upscale mall, I got a call from my credit card people asking me to verify the last 3 purchases that I had made on my card.  What?  Yes. . .I authorized purchases from The North Face, LEGO, and Urban outfitters, all 3 not even totaling $65.  I guess they were suspicious because I should have spent more at such a big mall?  Hmmm. . .not sure!  Good news is that there is no longer a freeze on my card!  Nothing like knowing that Big Brother is watching out for me!

To un-knot my belly, I cozied up on the couch when we arrived home and read the remainder of Catching Fire!  Again. . .the darn book kept me up past midnight!

Riveting. . .as usual!  Good thing I didn't have the third book, Mockingjay, here or I would have dug right in!!  Looks like Monday or Tuesday evening is going to be a late one!!!

What are you currently reading?

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