It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday

Here is me. . .totally smiling because Chuck and I decided TOGETHER. . .on the snowy drive home last night. . .that today was going to be a lazy Sunday!!!

Chuck decided to be chatty, really darn early, this morning!  He told me it was my fault because I woke him up at 7:11am when I got up to go pee!  No sweetie. . .I got up to go pee so I could climb back in our WARM bed and sleep for an hour or 2 longer!!!!  Comprende?  Well, after ignoring him as long as I possibly could, I finally gave into the conversation!  He kept asking me what the plans were for the day so I knew he had an idea up his sleeve.

I hopped out of bed and decided to hit the bike for my morning cardio!  I had promised myself that I was only going to get on the scale on Mondays and Fridays, because I will get on the scale like 10 times a day just to "check my weight" and it kind of seems a bit obsessive compulsive if you ask me!  I'm trying my own "cold turkey" therapy.  If to do nothing but reward my obsessive compulsive slip-up, I found 132.8 shining back at my morning eyes!  Only 7.8 more lbs to go!  Nothing like positive reinforcement for slipping up!  Bad news for my therapy!  Hey, at least I don't turn around 6 times and rub my ears before I get on the scale. . .or do I?

As I was preparing to fix breakfast, Chuck blew my dream of a lazy Sunday. . .he wanted to go to the ZOO.  What?  The ZOO?  The forecasted high today was only supposed to be 33 degrees.  The ZOO?  Truth be told, he was itching to snap some photos of the animals! 

After trying just about everything to get out of a Zoo trip in frigid weather, I gave in, as long as we ate lunch before we headed out!

After lunch, and a bit more of dragging my feet, we headed out to the Toledo Zoo!

I should have taken a clue of just. . .how. . .cold. . .I was going to be when I saw this upon entering:

There is something so. . . not. . . appealing about seeing icicles hanging from the Zoo sign.  Needless to say, we decided to visit all of the inside exhibits!  We do have a membership, so we didn't feel bad for only spending about 3 hours there!  There will be many warm visits to come!!!

After leaving the Zoo, we drove to downtown Toledo so Chuck could do a bit of searching for some old brick buildings with painted signs. . .it's kind of like his photography trademark. . .it's his thing. . .he loves finding different signs in different places to snap photos of!  Sunday's are the best days because the parking meters are free, and Downtown isn't really busy!  I played his chauffeur while he scoped things out!!!

Here is one of my favorite shots from today!!!  Check out his Flickr page!  He's awesome!!  I'm a bit partial, but nonetheless. . .check it out if you have a second!!

Now, the boys are in bed, I am sitting on the couch, Macbook Pro on my lap helping me catch up on my weekend blogging, the bed is piled high with clothes that were SUPPOSED to get folded during my lazy Sunday home, my feet are still cold from todays outing, and Chuck is sitting, pleased as punch, in from of his 27 inch iMac, humming a song playing on Pandora radio in the background, and editing photos.  I love to see him happy. . .especially because I know how bad his back hurts EVERY SINGLE DAY after getting hurt in September of 2009!  It makes my "change of plans" day totally worth it!  It really is all about give and take. . .even if I did have to freeze my tookas off!!!

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