All. . .by. . .myself. . .I wanna be. . .all by myself. . .

How do you like to work out?  Do you fly solo?  Do you do the group thing? 

Me?  I prefer to work out by my lonesome!  Don't get me wrong. . .I love people and I love to socialize. . .but when it comes to sweatin'. . .I like to clean out the ole' pores by myself!!!

My morning cardio sessions are my "me" time!  Sometimes I spin watching the news, sometimes I spin while jamming out to my favorite "Shinedown" Pandora station, sometimes I spin while wishing I was still in bed!!!  Anyway, I like to workout alone!  When I do so, I feel like I can push myself (or not) while not worrying how the other person is feeling!  Now, I do like to walk with others and often times, strength train with others, but everything else. . .solo me-o!

Am I selfish?  What do you do to overcome your workout partner predicament?

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  1. I used to LOVE to workout by myself. I was really hesitant to join a running club, but I miss it so very much. Once you find the right people to workout with it makes it so much better. And you can still work out by yourself if you need to.

    Oh my goodness that bfast idea is a great one! I'm going to have to try that out! :)