My Saturday Celebration!!!!

Saturday. . . Saturday. . .Saturday. . .oh how I have longed for you for the past 6 weeks!!! 

Six weeks ago, when the Weight Loss Challenge first began, Chuck promised me that if I won FIRST place, we would go on a Saturday celebration date with our first stop being my favorite restaurant - Mitchell's Fish Market!!!!  From the word go. . .I was bound and determined to win!  Mitchell's Fish Market is quite the treat and I couldn't wait to indulge!

Saturday started with my morning cardio!  Hey, just because this challenge is over, doesn't mean I throw all caution to the wind!!!  I still have 10 more lbs left to lose to reach my goal. . .plus, I just feel 10 times better starting my day off with a little bit of heart healthy cardio!  After showering and the like, I headed to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning!  I really dislike the dentist. . .something about someone elses hands in my mouth for 40 minutes.  So, in some ways. . .the day was a bit bitter sweet!!!  After dropping the boys off at my parent's house and shining up the teeth, I headed home to get ready for the date!!!!

I was excited to get all gussied up for my date!  I slipped in to my new American Eagle denim mini and a pair of grey tights, and black slouch boots!  I topped it off with a black cami and a grey sweater!

Our dinner reservation was at 4:00 pm - early enough for the lunch menu, but late enough for the dinner menu, which worked out well. . .lunch for me. . .dinner for Chuck!!!

Waiting for our appetizer!

Next up. . .FOOD!!!!  We shared an appetizer of Voodoo Shrimp on a bed of sticky rice!  Delicious!  We actually asked the chef if we could purchase some of the voodoo sauce to take home!  Two pints left the restaurant with us!!

After sharing the shrimp, and helping Chuck with his bowl of Lobster Bisque. . .I was ready to order!

Delivered to my table was the best cedar planked salmon, roasted asparagus, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes with a dollop of goat cheese!  I also helped Chuck with a Sam Adams beer battered scallop!  So tender and juicy!  I have to admit that my eyes were bigger than my belly. . .Chuck had to finish my salmon for me!!!

After leaving the Fish Market, we headed out to do a little bit of shopping!  I was able to score a new pair of running shoes that I am SO excited to try once the weather warms up a bit:

Vibram FiveFingers
Vibram FiveFingers are the new thing in barefoot running!  Chuck got a pair too, but his have straps across the front!  They literally fit like a glove!  They look kind of creepy at first, but the comfort outweighs the creepiness!  I'll have to let you know what I think about them the more I wear them!

Next up. . .an evening sweet treat. . .to share!!!!


Chuck and I split a Grumpy Cake!!!!  It was a chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream pillows and dipped in a chocolate gnoche!  Oh MY Gosh!!!!  It was perfect for splitting with my love!!!  I think we devoured the thing in like 5 seconds. . .it was that good!!!

We spent the rest of the evening making a purchase in the Apple Store.  You know, anything you get in the Apple Store has to be good. . .that is. . .if you're a Mac person!!!!  Let's just say it has the letter "i" and "mac" in it!!  Enough said!!!

It was a great evening of celebration spent with the best husband in the entire world!!!!  What amazed me the most was that I was sooooo excited to eat everything that I couldn't and wouldn't eat during the Weight loss challenge. . .turns out, I couldn't get away from making healthy choices and not stuffing myself during my celebration evening!  I had plans to devour some fro yo too, but I just wasn't hungry!  Go me!  Go healthy!!!

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