Ice. . .ice. . .baby!

Sunday morning started out with a nice quiet breakfast. . .the boys were still at my Parent's house from the night before!  We decided to hit up a Big Boy. . .not my first choice. . .or my second choice. . .or even my third choice, but since Chuck was craving their breakfast buffet and the endless waffles that come on said buffet, I gutted it out, for him!

After we left Big Boy, we headed over to Trader Joes to pic up a few specialty items that I was running out of!  Boy I just love that Grocery Store!  They have some of the best, natural products!!!  Too bad the closest one is about 30 minutes from our house!  Boo!

After TJ's we grabbed a coffee for the ride home!  YUMMMM!!!  I haven't had a "coffee shop" coffee in over 6 weeks!  I snagged a large pepermint mocha with skim milk and no whip or chocolate syrup!  It WAS devine!  It makes you appreciate yummy things so much more when you don't indulge in them all the time!!!  

We made it home and grabbed the boys just in time for our snow / ice storm to hit!  Yuck!  After dumping about 4 or 5 inches of snow in a very short time. . .it started raining. . .freezing rain actually!  The rain coated everything!  Like. . .coated the cars so bad that it was impossible to get into them!  The roads were a skating rink!  Boy, I can't wait until we can move somewhere warm!  This weather is for the birds!

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