The Hunger Games Bandwagon. . you on?

I am bound and determined to catch all the way up today!!!  Forgive me. . .I know I said I was almost caught up yesterday, but I got reading my darn book again last night and threw all blogging caution to the wind!  You would think I would be all excited to blog, seeing as that I just got a new Macbook Pro and all, but Suzanne Collins is just such a good author. . .I can't put her darn books down!

Just to let you know. . .I stayed up way too late the other night to finish The Hunger Games!!  Loved. . .loved. . .loved it!  I am so totally ready for the movie!  Word on the street is that the author is also the screenplay writer so the movie should be very similar to the book!  How wonderful!!!

Because I couldn't wait another second to dig into the rest of the story. . .I started the next book already!!!

And. . .I totally am having a hard time putting it down!!

Have you jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon yet?

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