Friday in a nutshell!

I have to say. . .I didn't sleep well Thursday evening. . .I was having a bit of anxiety about the final weigh in first thing Friday morning.  I talked a big game for six weeks. . .telling everyone that I KNEW I was going to win. . .planning out how I was going to spend my winnings. . .as my head hit the pillow late Thursday night, my mind couldn't settle down!

I woke bright and early on Friday morning and figured I get in one. . .last. . .round of cardio before jumping on the scale!  Although my overall goal is 125 lbs, my 6 week weight loss challenge goal was 135 lbs.  I headed to work to weigh in on Friday HOPING I was at least in the 135's.  Heck, I would have even settled for 135.4 or 135.6. . .just somewhere in the 135's!

I was PLEASED AS PUNCH when I jumped on the scale for the final time and it read 135.0!!!! Well. . .did I win????  Hmmm. . .guess you will have to follow along with my day to find out!

My day went on as usual with everyone stopping by my desk to see if I had won!  As much as I wanted to tell them yes. . .I wasn't even sure of the outcome because all final numbers and stats were being held until after work at our final meeting!!!  I was pretty confident, but the part of me that always second guesses myself was sticking around! 

Just before lunch, my wonderful husband and our youngest son, Nolan, stopped by to see me with a surprise!!!  TWO pair of Nike running shorts and some new sports bras!!!!  

My husband is sooooo wonderful!  He knew exactly what I wanted and needed. . .plus, he picked out the perfect colors for me. . .black and white and navy and white!  Since he arrived just in time for my lunch break, we headed over to the mall to chit chat and kill a little time!

The rest of the work day went off without a hitch!  Actually it seemed to FLY by!  I don't know what was more exciting. . .the anticipation of the final meeting or of the 3 day weekend that was rapidly approaching!

To be continued. . .

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