No Excuses!

I have had a few people tell me that they think that the only reason that I'm losing weight is because I don't eat. . .oh. . .contrare moofrare!!  I eat. . .actually. . .I eat 5 times per day!  The reason that I am losing weight is because I'm dedicated. . .I'm competitive. . . and I am determined to reach my goal weight of 125 lbs in the next 6 or so weeks.  Please keep in mind that this is MY goal weight. . .it is not for everyone.  This is where I want to be to feel comfortable in my skin!  I am healthily losing 2 lbs per week through reasonable eating, and 6 days of cardio (per week).  This means that I turn down candy, cookies, Friday take-out lunches at work, etc.  No, I am not crazy. . .and I'm not psycho.  I am eating well balanced meals and snacks to boot!  I have worked VERY hard over the past 6 weeks to win this current weight loss challenge.  It has been VERY TOUGH for me to say no to all the sweets that I enjoy!  Yes, I do plan on entering the next weight loss challenge and I do plan on doing my darnedest to win again while dropping my final 10 lbs!  I fully believe in rewarding yourself with a treat every now and again. . .my treat just happens to be the size 6 jeans that have been hanging, unworn, in the back of my closet because I have gained too much weight to wear them!   Once I've reached my goal weight, I WILL be able to enjoy more of my favorite yummy  treats because I will be maintaining and not trying to lose!

My husband has always told me that I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to!  Well, I set my mind to weighing 125 lbs and winning the weight loss challenge!  I am only about a day from accomplishing one of my goals!  Friends. . .don't be upset. . .don't give up!  Make me your motivation!  BE MOTIVATED to try and beat me the second go round!  You know what I can do and you know I won't give up!  ADOPT my determination!  Give me a run for my money!  I know that you can do it. . .no excuses!!!!  I had none, and I am coming out a winner!


  1. My goal is a 6 too! (Tiffany)

  2. It's always best to set a goal. . .for me it's like making a list and crossing things off the more you get done or the closer you get!