My new theme. . .

Saturday we surprised the boys and took them on a little trip, (3 hours away), to spend the weekend with my little sister and brother-in-law! As we turned down their street and the boys finally figured it out, they couldn't hardly contain themselves. Aunt Gigi and Uncle John were waiting in their driveway to welcome three extremely excited little boys to their home for the weekend!

I must say, the short time we were there was filled with fun and hospitality! Jill and John live very close to a town called Colon and also a town called Climax. Coming home from dinner on Saturday evening, we all started laughing when we saw the sign that said "Colon" with an arrow pointing to the left. A short time later we came across the sign that said "Climax". Of course, we all started laughing again. I made a funny comment that living in-between Colon and Climax must be a pretty exciting place! Jared then says. . ."I know what part of your body your colon is. . .but where the heck is your climax?"

I thought Chuck was going to have to pull over to the side of the road, he was laughing so hard. My sister could hardly catch her breath! Uncle John, who also happens to be the mayor of their city, was doubled over, the two littlest boys were laughing hysterically just because everyone else was laughing, and I. . .I was thanking God, through my fits of laughter, for the sincere innocence of my children.

“Except you come as a little child," Jesus said “you will never see the
kingdom of God.” Luke 18:17

So many times I wish I could freeze time and just keep our boys little, but so many other times I look forward to watching them grow and mature into great men of God. I'm enjoying every single minute of my sweet sweet life!

On to other less deep and serious things. . .

I have a new theme for the "runner" portion of my life. I came across it while flipping through an Eastbay catalog. . .

I'm loving every wonderful, horrible moment of this!

This totally expresses how I feel as I'm at the gym running to the upbeat songs on my mp3 player while my sides are splitting and sweat is streaming from my brow. I love it, but honestly, it is horrible! I know that as I get in better shape, it won't be as horrible, but for now, my motto stands!

I'm loving every wonderful, horrible moment of this!

Ok, last mind shifting subject to today's post. . .

I'm almost done reading The Shack. I haven't yet decided what I truly think of it. Have you read it? What did you think?

Be Blessed,


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  1. Loved the SHACK! Though it's fiction, all the way through, I loved the way that the author made GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT easier to understand in human terms...The part about justice/wisdom was amazing, and of course the setting is here in Oregon, so can't go wrong there. Our church did a study on it, it was nice. I'll see if I can find he notes and how our Pastor explained it to us.