And it went a little something like this. . .hit it. . .

Thanks to the man at the Tattoo parlor whose face alone could never make it through an airport metal detector. . .I now have a pierced nose!
It wasn't as bad as I had worked myself up to believe it was going to be. . .after all, I have had three children. . .the natural way!
I like to call this my "pre mid life crisis". Since I will only be turning 34 this year, I figured I'd try out this mini little crisis and then if all goes well, I will have a bigger, better mid-life crisis in 5 or 6 years! LOL!!!!
Thanks to all of you that emailed me and commented on my last post giving me kind words and thumbs up on my decision!
Hmmm. . .what could be next?????


  1. LOVE it!!! i used to have my nose pierced but it fell out and closed up while i was sleeping. i have debated over and over again having it redone. so cute.

  2. I think nose piercings are pretty - did it hurt much?! X.