Am I 80 or 33?

So, Chuck and I joined a gym to start our "running a half marathon training". I discovered that I would much rather run in a climate controlled environment than in the cold / heat / rain / snow / etc. Really, we got an EXCELLENT deal at our BRAND NEW local gym. . .$40 per month for both of us. . .an it includes unlimited tanning and it is open 24 hours a day!

We take turns going. . .because of the brood of children that we have. My second day was yesterday.

Now, keep in mind that I did run 1 1/2 miles for the first time EVER EVER EVER in my life two days ago. It was fun. . .real fun! Because of how our week was going, Chuck told me to go ahead and go again yesterday, and he could go today and from now on we would just rotate days so we would each go every other day. Well, I had so much fun the first time, I decided to run with an occasional walking spurt for 45 minutes yesterday. Which ended up being just over 3 miles. Although I am in pretty good cardio shape from riding my bike daily and from the recent loss of nearly 60 lbs, running requires me to use muscles that I never knew really existed. . .until I tried to get up off the couch last night.

Really, I felt like I was 80 years old and was waiting on the call from my doctor for my 2 hip replacements. I actually had to focus my brain on making my hips and thighs go. Unbelievable. Well, I sure hope that the recent "finding" of these dormant muscles help to shed the remainder of fat that I posses on, hmmm, get this, my lower butt and upper thighs. . .surprisingly exactly where those silly little muscles reside!

My goal is to be 5'6" and weigh 120lbs. . .I am currently hanging right around 130lbs. . .once I drop off the saddle bags from my new love of running. . .I will be one happy 1/2 marathon runner!

So, today is my gym day off. I will however sneak in a little 30 min stationary bike ride this evening just to keep the blood flowing!

Now off to slather some aloe vera gel on my burnt rump (from the first tanning bed visit in 3 years) and some Bengay on my 80 year old hips and thighs! I'm going to smell like a champ!


  1. Way to go!!! And great job dropping the weight! You'll definitely hit your goal! :)

  2. Go you!!! Umlimited tanning eh??? Something to treat yourself too after the 1/2 marathon! xxx.

  3. this is hilarious! i so wish i was a runner. i've tried several times and it just doesnt work for me. i'm going to have to talk to my gym about unlimited tanning. thats amazing!

  4. Hey...I just found you from Bog Mama. I have 4 kids (and more than 10 pounds I want to lose!) and 2 years ago decided to run a 1/2 marathon with my husband. I didn't follow a plan or anything. Just added another mile every couple of weeks. I never got past 8, My husband said I would be fine. I gave it a shot. Only mile 9 I yelled..."Whoo hoo...only 2.1 more to go!" I MISTAKENLY somehow thought it was 11.1 miles. I toughed it out though...made all 13.1 and had a great time. Now to find the time to do it again!

  5. what an awesome job! you will get there with the running, it takes a while to build up! I am so proud of your weight loss!