This post is full of excuses. . .

I have been absent for a bit for several reasons that I shall list for you. . .

* Connor had surgery to remove the "bump" on his leg.

* Connor was not able to walk for 4 days and had to be carried everywhere (including the bathroom).

* Nolan woke up the other morning with a fever and a terrible cough.

* The weather has been somewhat decent and there was yard work to be done!

* I have received some great movies from Netflix in the mail and I have HAD to watch them!

* I have been training to run a 10K in Ann Arbor, MI on May 31, 2009.

* Chuck has taken up a new hobby of snoring at night leaving me really sleepy and in need of a nap or 5 during the day!

*Nolan and I have been driving all over creation looking for Disney Cars cars to add to his collection. . . who knew they would be so scarce around these parts!

* I have been helping my Mom plan a bus trip to Longaberger again. . .

Yep. . .their corporate office is built to look like a huge market basket! Pretty cool huh? I snapped this picture in June of 2007. . .the last time I was there!

* I just needed a break!

Enough excuses? Let me know if you need more. . .I have plenty!

Off to clean the nose piercing. . .


  1. I've always wanted to go see that huge basket building!

  2. WOW... that building is nuts! Before I actually looked at it I thought it was really just a basket!

  3. that building is crazy!! sounds like you have a lot going on there!!