The snow it is a comin'. . .

They are predicting just under a foot of snow in our area starting at 1am. . .yikes! I like snow, but heck, it's not even winter yet! Haha. . .I'm getting technical - winter starts on December 21st!

Due to the rapidly approaching storm, I made sure to take the teacher gift into school today! If we get as much snow as predicted, it looks like Christmas break might just start a day early! Plus, the lingering Christmas gifts just irritate me when I'm trying to get the tree and holiday decorations cleaned up before the new year!

The upside of the snow is that we will all get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Since Chuck works outside, if it snows a ton, he won't even bother driving the 45 minutes to work! I love snowy cuddly mornings!

The downside of the snow is that Friday night is supposed to be date night for us. We are looooong overdue for a date night. I think the last one was in mid August! We have my parents all lined up to keep the boys overnight and we are planning to make an appearance at Chuck's company Christmas shindig and then catch a movie or something. The snow is supposed to start at 1am and last until 4pm. The Christmas party is supposed to kick off at 6pm. That's cutting it pretty close for the roads to be cleaned up! Here's hoping!!!!!!!!

Keeping with the Christmas talk. . .Connor made me the best Christmas present at school! He was so excited for me to see it, I had to open it early! I LOVE IT! How adorable is this:

He made me a Christmas tree Ornament, a card, and this awesome reindeer painted tile! The school brought in the company Paint Your Own Masterpiece and the kids made their creations and the company took the tiles back to their shop and baked - or fired - them! I love it!

Be Blessed!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed you get to have date night. I always look forward to those. And if you haven't had one since August, you are LONG overdue.

    Oh... the Christmas decoration are darling. I always loved it when the kids made things like that at school

  2. awww. what a great gift! We are getting snow tonight too!

  3. Ooooo SNOW!! I got to see my first REAL snow here in Louisiana a week ago and LOVED it! Unfortunately, I cuddled with a pillow b/c McDreamy lives 45 minutes away and we weren't together that morning. NOT quite as much fun! I hope you enjoy your lazy morning & that you're able to make your date night!!

  4. date nights are like therapy. I only get one every few months and I totally cherish every second of it!

  5. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your great message on comment on my blog. I LOVE that I FINALLY have met a blogger from Michigan. I know there are more out there, I have just never met any yet. (Other than my friends who live in Lansing with me.)

    I love your new pet. Good job getting her from the H. Society. They need loving homes for all of those pets. :) Your dog is really really cute.

    Can you believe all of the snow we are getting? WOW!
    Have a fun snow day.
    Kelly S.

  6. Hello S-I-L,
    Here in snowy Oregon, the weather has gone crazy! We were out of school all week long, due to snow and ice and another storm is on the way in. Have fun with the snow and kids, and have a great date night, Russ and I LOVE when we get one. Just got the Christmas Card, the boys are so handsome! Great Genes!