The first Official snow day. . .

Yep. . .the forecasters were right. . .we got dumped on! School was cancelled, Chuck didn't go to work, and I watched from my window at 11:30am, (while still in my bathrobe), the neighbor boy get his car stuck while backing out of his driveway! Yikes!

So as to not get ourselves stuck while backing out of our driveway, Chuck is playing outside! So is our neighbor!

The boys are lovin' this snow day! Nolan got comfortable on our bed to watch Dora because "big brothers" were hogging the living room tv!

Believe it or not, we are still going to go on date night! Oh so fun!

Be Blessed!


  1. have fun on your date! glad you still get to go. be safe!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's sooo cool! Love the snow pictures. Have a great time tonight.