Naming the posts are the hardest thing for me!

Yesterday, I let the boys play hookie from school. I'm usually a pretty big stickler about attendance, however JM woke up with a "full" nose and little cough and CC said his nose was a "little stuffy"! That was good enough for me!

So, this is what "hookie" looks like:

Yep, that's my boys eating Taco Bell at the mall when they should be in school! We decided that in honor of staying home, we would make the trip to the mall and get some Christmas shopping done! I must say, after Best Buy, the mall, and Hobby Lobby (Christian craft store) we were all tired! I did score some great deals though! I also picked up some dog bone ribbon to make Eli her Christmas ornament for our tree!
Speaking of making Christmas ornaments, I found a cute and easy idea from a fellow blogger. I have already wrapped the first round of ornaments that I made, but am getting ready to make the second round today. I will snap some photos and give you a link to the blog which I found the idea later tonight!
CC had his mini Christmas concert at 10am today! It's always such a blessing to see all the little kids sing. It only lasted about 20 minutes but I managed to take a ton of pictures! I'm still trying to get the settings of the new camera figured out. This one came out a little grainy but I think it was because I was using super zoom or something.

Be Blessed!


  1. Eli is adorable! So happy your toss up ended up great! I LOVE that you let the kids play hookie and took them to the mall! I think all kids need one of those days every once in a while...reminds them their parents are still KINDA cool.

  2. Eli just looks so sweet! i can see why the boys love her:0

    i want to come and play hookie with you guys, it looks like fun!