Not too bad for being sick

I am not one for taking the boys to any type of cheesy portrait studio to have their photos taken. . .to be perfectly honest, we haven't frequented a portrait studio in approx. five years. We have simply gotten in the habit of snapping our own photos of the boys. I love to capture them in their "natural" life as apposed to their "posed" life.

Well, this year as I sat down to create our yearly photo Christmas cards, I found that I didn't have any photos that were card worthy. What I mean to say is that I make sure to pick a really cute pic of my boys every year so that when friends, family, etc. receive their Christmas cards from us, they are like, "WOW! Amy & her hubby are sooo blessed. . .they have the cutest boys! We sure wish our kids were that cute!" C'mon, you know you all want people to think that your kids are the cutest. . .HONESTLY!

All of the recent "stunningly cute" photos I had of all three of the boys together, had been used for framed gifts, calendars, etc. You know. . .I must have a new and fresh photo for the cards! So, as I kicked around the idea of snapping some of my own new photos, I was GIVEN a free session and photos at a local chain photography studio by someone that thought I could use it! You know who you are. . .THANK YOU - Your generosity is much appreciated!

As much as I HATE posed pictures. . .FREE posed pictures were right up my alley, so we gave it shot!

As to be expected, the studio was swarming with children all dressed in their best Holiday clothes! We arrived at our appointment time of 12:30 and. . .we waited. . .and waited. . .and waited! TWO hours later we were tired, hungry, and finally FINISHED!

They turned out pretty good considering that the two littlest ones have strep throat right now. I was blessed enough to have the fever under control with Motrin for the 2 hours that we were there.

Are they the best? No, I've done better. Can I use them. . .I sure will. . .THEY WERE FREE!

Will I go back to another portrait studio. . .no, probably not! If anything I would like to find a local photographer that takes photos. . .creative photos. . .or, of course, I will just keep snap snap snappin' away!


  1. How adorable! You are truly blessed!

  2. Your ver blessed with three cute boys. If I recieved that card I would think the same xxx.

  3. CUTE, CUTE!!!
    I Like the stacked 3 (I think it's the 2nd ones posted)
    Oh did I say CUTE?

  4. I am personally in love with the first one you showed, simply because of the little one's facial expression! What cuties you have!