Christmas Parties and Sonic!

We braved the elements and had a great evening last night!
Let me first start out by saying that Chuck's company Christmas Party wasn't held at the most ideal place. . .a bar called the Hooch owned by another Ironworker. . .but I made it work for me! Actually, the party isn't typically a spouse or guest party. The company owner, Kevin (who I met for the first time last night after Chucks 5 + years with the company), invites all the guys to the Hooch bar and grill the Friday before Christmas every year and then pays for them to eat and drink for about 5 or so hours. Well, since most of the guys that Chuck works with know me, Chuck wanted to bring me along, with permission from Kevin of course. The sad part about it is that even if it were a "spouse" party, the majority of the guys wouldn't want to bring their spouses with them. Chuck says that most of the guys talk terrible about their wives and relationships. . .so sad! Although, most of them are your typical rowdy, party animal, ironworkers, there are a select few, my husband included, that are "normal - upstanding" guys! Since everyone likes me. . .they are always very calm and sweet around me!

As I sipped my bottled water and dined on bar food, I actually had a pretty good time getting to know Chuck's boss Kevin! He is a great. . .normal. . .really attractive. . .guy! I was surprised. . .not at all what I expected! Chuck also said he is a millionaire! It is so cool finally being able to put a face with the name and the voice I so often hear on the other end of the phone! I also had a blast hanging with the guys! Everyone knows that Chuck and I are sold out Christians and everyone respects that! Chuck played several rounds of pool (do you call them rounds?) while I hung out at a few tables and chatted and laughed and laughed and laughed! I really did feel out of my element, however, the bar is just another building that I was able to let my light shine in!!!!! Thanks Kevin for my water and steak bites, and half of sandwich, and fries, and perogies! What? I told you I dined on bar food! Actually, most of it was just snacking!!!! Ahem!
Chuck & I

Nine & I - Nine is his nickname! He is a great guy! Absolutely hilarious!
We left the bar about 10:30 (before the real bar crowd came in). We were, believe it or not, hungry, but it was too late to eat at any sit down restaurant, so we decided to make our first trip ever to SONIC! I know, I know, I'm a cheap date!
When we got there, Chuck decided to use the restroom which was located right in front of our parking stall so I decided to snap a pic of my virgin Sonic trip!

I then decided to wait, with my camera ready, and snap a pic of him exiting the Sonic restroom. . .It just so happened that there was a patch of ice right outside the restroom door. . .as he came out, and was distracted by my camera, he didn't notice the patch of ice. . . . . . . . . .my photo catches him at the start of his fall from grace:

Sorry babe! I just have to keep up with pics for my blog!

Since he wasn't hurt, we were able to laugh about it. . .actually for several minutes! Shortly after the "fall" our food was delivered and I ate about a quarter of Chuck's burger before I realized that it wasn't mine! YUM! Can I just say. . .HELLO SONIC! Too bad it is about 20 minutes away from the house. Or maybe it's good that it is so far away from the house! I think if it were closer, I would become a regular! The chocolate caramel cheesecake bites are divine! As was the quarter of Chuck's burger, my entire burger, some of my fries, and my caramel latte! I topped it all of with the mint that was in our bag!

In all honesty, I was such a fun night! I truly did miss the boys though! After breakfast at Cracker Barrel (sorry, no pics - Chuck said he would have felt stupid taking a picture of me eating), we hurried over to my parents house to pick up our little loves! Although it is always fun to get away for a time. . .reuniting with the boys is always the best!

We are expecting more snow tonight. . .really? I thought I lived in Michigan. . .not Alaska! Well, at least we are guaranteed a White Christmas!

Be Blessed!


  1. YUM! i love sonic!! there are 3 within 5 minutes of my house. ridiculous. the jr burger was one of my many cravings during both of my pregnancies. you're right-its a good thing that the nearest one is 20 minutes away!! :)

  2. Dang it! They don't have any Sonic's around here!! I drool over their commercials though!

  3. sounds like lots of fun! glad you had a good time:)