I welcome your questions!

I have had a TON of people asking me what I'm doing to lose my weight!!!  Like I said before. . .it's all about dedication and determination!  What and when you eat, is equally as important as the exercise that you do!  I do eat 5 times per day!  Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, and Dinner.  I tend to not get hungry in the evenings, after dinner, because that is my cardio time!  I typically spend one hour in the evening knocking out my daily cardio!  If I do feel the twinges of hunger coming on. . .I brew myself up a nice, hot cup of tea!  This usually relaxes me and fills my belly!

So, if you are here to check out my daily eats and tips. . .welcome!  I LOVE comments so make sure you check in with me from time to time! 

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