A few of my favorite things. . .

Do you have something that you love?  Like something that you totally just can't live without?  Like. . .something that, if you run out, you make an out of the way trip to the store, in freezing cold weather, just to re-stock your supply?  Ok, so I'm glad I'm not alone!!!

Now, besides toilet paper, here are a couple of the other items that I simply MUST have to make my day and life function normally:

Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker - Please allow me just a moment to bow my head and my lips to this heavenly treasure of greatness. . .OK, thank you! I read an article once that said you can't get addicted to your chap stick, what you do get "somewhat addicted" to is the way that your lips feel with the chap stick on them. WHATEVER the addiction stipulations. . .I am hooked! You must understand that I once lived on Dr. Pepper soda pop. It was my drug. . .my lifeblood! It also contributed to the fact that I was 50 some lbs. overweight.  So, part of my weight loss regimen, was kicking the Dr. to the curb. I mourned for days, weeks, months, a year and a half (currently still working through the mourning process). Then. . .then. . .I found love in a stick! This school girl lip smacker has the perfect yummy flavor and the exact amount of tint for my everyday comings and goings. I have tubes all over the house, van, my purse, the neighbors, my parents, etc. You just never know when the urge will hit!

Coffee-mate Belgian Chocolate Toffee Creamer - "Experience the old world charm in every cup with the rich smooth taste of Belgian-style chocolate paired with the delectable flavor of toffee."  I totally had to steal that quote directly from the Coffee-mate website because I truly couldn't have said it any better myself!  Partly because my mouth always seems to be full of coffee or tea flavored with this delectable treat!  I keep the powdered version in my desk drawer at work, and the liquid version in my fridge at home!  YUM!!! 

Salada Green Tea - I love this herbal drink!  I drink iced green Salada tea with all of my meals!  Now, trust me, I am a total hot tea / coffee lover and I do indulge in the hot beverages usually in the morning and evening, however green iced tea fills my belly in-between!  You can always bet that there will be a pitcher full of this in my fridge at all times!  I'm not much of a plain water drinker and I steer clear of soda pop. . .so my hydrating drink of choice is most always unsweetened iced green tea!

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