Swedish office furniture

After dinner, Chuck, myself, and Nolan (our youngest), loaded up in the van, and headed to Ikea for our Swedish shopping, home office, experience!  Before arriving at our destination, we swung through Tim Hortons drive-thru, to warm our bones with a Cafe' Mocha for Chuck and a Peppermint tea for me!  Cafe' Mochas are my ULTIMATE favorite, however, Tim and I have been taking a break during my little weight loss challenge!  Since our 5 year old doesn't drink coffee, because we won't let him, not because he doesn't like it, we promised him a Wendy's frosty if he was a trooper in Ikea!

Since we knew what we wanted, and where we planned on putting it, we settled on two of these shelving units to flank the Ikea desk that matched this set that we already had:

Of course, we purchased a few other here's and there's also, but successfully walked out of Ikea spending less than $150!  I call that a BINGO trip!

Saturday was spent getting the home office ready to rock!!!  I know, a picture is in order. . .bear with me. . .it's not quite pulled together yet!  We are getting ready to turn Chuck's Macbook Pro into a desktop, and are shopping for a flat screen monitor, that Chuck plans to mount on the wall!  Then, we have to hang pictures. . .and fancy it up a bit!  A picture will come as soon as it's visually pleasing!  I promise!

Well, enough already right?  The Superbowl will be starting soon and the family is expecting some treats!  No big snack spread here tonight!  The WLC (weight loss challenge) won't allow it!

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  1. Hey, I have that mayo in my fridge too, used it last when when I made chickpea salad!
    And I love that Laughing Cow cheese. I eat it on my eggs, toast, sandwiches and crackers. They have so many good flavors!