Weight Loss and White Chocolate Kisses

As many of you know. . .I am the Queen of weight loss!  If you have yet to experience the before and after photos. . .go HERE to check out my results!

Almost 3 years ago. . .I found myself disgusted at my highest ever weight of 186 lbs.  I HAD to do something!  After setting my mind to dropping the pounds and finally feeling good about myself again, I managed, through a healthy diet and daily exercise, to whittle myself down to 128 lbs!  Thus, my love of fitness and healthy eating began!

Through a series of life changing events, I managed to put about 22 lbs back on my 5'6" (almost 5'7") frame by totally erasing exercise from my lifestyle.  Stupid move!  When I finally got the courage, at the beginning of January, to jump back on the scale. . .I was shocked to see 150.2 glaring back at me. Yuck!  Actually. . .DOUBLE YUCK!!

I decided to enroll myself in the Weight Loss Challenge that was starting on January 7th at work!  Let me tell you. . .it was a welcomed friend to embrace my old, healthy lifestyle once again.  It fit like a glove!  It truly is amazing how much better healthy choices and exercise can make a person feel!

As of today's date, I am successfully down to 140.8 lbs, and am currently winning the weight loss challenge!  My goal weight is anywhere in the range of 128 - 125 lbs.  The WLC ends on February 18th, so I know that it is quite unreasonable to reach my goal in the next 3 weeks, however my plan is to lose as much as I can, and get myself as close to my goal as possible by the end of the WLC!  The girls will be starting a second WLC as soon as this one is over, however I'm not sure that I will have enough weight left to lose to qualify.  It's always more fun when there is prize money involved and a bunch of friends to hold me accountable!

So, as long as you don't mind, I plan on posting some of my favorite recipes, some great tips on living a healthy lifestyle, fitness tips and ideas, and some just plain old random fun!

With all that being said. . .I must leave you with my newest find!

Can you believe that someone FINALLY created a tea for those of us who crave chocolate?  Many thanks Bigelow!  And, for those of you that might be wondering. . .I found mine at Meijer (grocery store).  This is the only place I have seen it as of yet!  If you do spot some in your local grocery store. . .snatch it up. . .I do believe that it is a seasonal treat!

The best part about this tea. . .I can have a mug when I'm craving something sweet!  I add in a serving of Coffeemate French Vanilla or Coffeemate Belgium Chocolate Toffee Creamer, and enjoy a 35 calorie treat!  YUM!!!

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