Our Respectful Son!

Last Friday Jared was honored with the "Moral Focus" award at his school.  Each month, a student from each classroom is chosen to recieve the "Moral Focus" award.  The student is chosen because they have gone above and beyond to exhibit the character trait of the month.  October's character trait was Respect.  We are sooooooo extremely proud of him for being recognized for the RESPECT that he shows to others!

His teacher had contacted us earlier in the week to let us know he was the receipient for the month, however it was a suprise to him! When they called his name I had tears in my eyes.  It is so wonderful and rewarding to see our oldest blessing growing up to be such a great man!


  1. Way to go Mom and Dad, you are raising them well! We are proud too! Loves and Hugs!

  2. ahhh, that made me have tears too:) congrats to jared! sounds like he is a fine young man.