Call of Duty Mania

Not sure if you are familiar with the video game Call of Duty or not but I must say that the boys in my house are!

Last night was the midnight release of the newest Call of Duty Game.  Call of Duty is a military war game that Chuck and the Boys play on the Xbox 360.  When I say "boys" I really mean Chuck and Jared.  The smallest two really just watch.  That being said, when I say Chuck and Jared, I really mean mostly Chuck!  Jared plays every so often!  It is really all about the boys watching their Dad play and thinking he is cool!

The boys have been anticipating this game release for months.  Well, the release festivities started at Gamestop at 9pm.  We decided to let the boys stay up a little late so they could experience a little bit of the hoop-la!  When we arrived at the store, there were already probably 50-75 people in line to pick up their game that wasn't even slated to release until 12:01am.  Holy moley!

The boys got to see all of the people, walk through the store, and then enjoy reading a little at the nearby coffee shop while Mom and Dad grabbed a cup of joe!

Of course. . .Nolan being. . .Nolan!

They all got to wear one of Daddy's Marine Corps hats.  They thought they were so cool!

All in all, they were in bed by 10pm.  Quite a far cry from their 8:30pm bedtime!  It was worth it though! 

Chuck did go back at 12:00 to pick up his game!  He said that when he got there, there were probably 200+ people in line.  Since he was pre-paid, he got to cut to the front of the line!  He was home by 12:30.  All for the love of the game I suppose!

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  1. Pretty sure Jenny got it too...I wonder if Ryan did, my boys aren't it to that game so I'm glad that I didn't have to wait in line for it! LOL! Hugs!