My six year love affair!

Dear Connor,

Six years. . .six big years old! Wow! Time sure does fly!

I will never forget how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with you, our second baby. Can you believe I was actually worried? Yeah, worried! I just couldn't imagine that I could ever love someone as much as I loved your big brother, Jared.

August 9, 2003 came around and you were born. . .all (almost) 9lbs of you! Let me tell you. . .it sure was a different experience then the 6lb delivery of your big brother! Guess what? The first time I saw you, it became clear just how easy it was going to be to love you. The love overtook me. You were mine and I was yours.

Then they told me something was wrong with your heartbeat. They told me it was beating at a normal rhythm, just really, really slow. They took you away. I had only know you for such a short time and already my entire being was longing to have you back in my arms. They wouldn't let you stay in the room with me that first night, so I stayed in the nursery with you while they monitored you. People came from church and prayed for you. They prayed for me. And you know what? Prayer changes things.

Know what they found wrong with you? Nothing. . .that's right. . .nothing. They said that you had a heart like the famous bike rider, Lance Armstrong. In actuality, you were so healthy that your heart didn't need to beat fast. It was doing its' job. It was just doing it more efficiently! You have been healthy ever since!

That day, six years ago, started our love affair. You are hard headed just like me! You embarrass easily, and you have a very calm spirit about you! You are Neisse's best friend because you are gentle and loving with her! You are tall like your Daddy, and you have the cutest little red freckles kissed lightly on your nose. Connor, seeing those freckles can make everything better for me. They are simple, just like you. They are placed just perfectly on your little face. . .a Gift from God. Just like you. You were placed in our lives, simply. . .you were a gift after a miscarriage. You were the light kiss from God that we needed to make the sorrow of losing a second baby go away.

You are you, and you are special! You are my favorite six year old in all the universe!

I love you Connor Charles!


  1. OOh I love your letter to your son.....I know exactly how you feel..have a great Tuesday!

  2. love the story! i think it is great to read stories like this. thanks for sharing.

  3. That was the sweetest thing! I had chills. I'm so glad your Connor was OK. God is good.

    Happy Birthday, ya big 6 year old!