Just thought I would. . .

. . .start you off with a little eye candy this fine Tuesday morning!

Isn't he just YUMMY! Oh, I love my sexy husband! Except for when I get mad at him, then I can't imagine why on earth I ever married him almost 14 years ago. . .then he flashes his big BLUE eyes at me, and I literally get weak in the knees. . .and I forget why I was ever even mad at him in the first place. . .it's all part of his devious plan I think!

And then there is this little daddy clone. . .same big blue eyes. . .same daddy charm! He knows how to work me. . .even at 5 years old!

I don't even know what to say about this one. . .except maybe next time, I could try taking his photo with the sun not shining directly in his eyes. Give me a break. . .I'm still perfecting my technique!

Yeah, we don't feed them that often. . .Can you believe that they found this elephant ear in the grass? Eat up boys! It may be awhile before you eat again. . .

Marshmallow shooters from the 4th of July street fair.
Yeah, that's all I have to say about that!

And this. . .

. . .and this too!

$10 to the first person who can guess what Disney character is his favorite. . .So, I'm lying about the $10, but I'm not lying about Lightning McQueen!

What is it about our middle child that makes my heart swell and melt with every beat?

If I could walk (I mean sit) on water would you. . .believe in me?
Sing it Eddie Money. . .sing it brother!