My so called life!

CJ came home from work today and wondered why I hadn't answered an email sent to me by my friend, Lisa, over 2 weeks ago. It just so happens that CJ and Lisa's husband, Jeff, are good friends as well. They talk at work like women! I felt bad, really bad that I had inadvertently forgot to email her back about getting together.

Well my sweet friend, Lisa. . . the answer is the same as why I have had a lul in posting recently. . .I have been really busy doing a whole bunch of . . .nothing. I quickly got on my email and responded to her in the following letter - also bloggy friends, please substitute your name for Lisa's and accept this letter as my apology for ignoring you lately. I promise, I will be a better friend:

Sorry Lisa (Bloggy friends. . .insert your names here as well). . . I totally forgot to email you back. . .734-735-**** is my cel number.

I have been busy doing a lot of random things! Random. . .just like my life!!!! My mom had surgery so I have been eating lunch with her a lot in the past couple of weeks. I also have been listing some of her Longaberger Basket stuff on Ebay (she sells it and has a TON of extra stuff). Then, we are busy planning a huge 60th party for my Uncle. Then I had to get our taxes done. . .then I did like 40 loads of laundry. Ok, maybe not like 40 but it sure seemed like it! Everyone at Meijer knows me
by name because I’m there like every other day grocery shopping for the bottomless pits I call children! So. . .I’ve been busy doing a bunch of nothing! Ever feel like that? Haha!

Connor has a Post Office Field trip tomorrow and then off to the dentist to get a
couple fillings. This ought to be fun! Why do they fill 5 year old teeth? Won’t they just fall out anyway?

I AM SO READY FOR HOT WEATHER! Snow and cold is for the Eskimos! CJ has one pair or really warm wool socks that I have been washing every night so his little tooters stay warm at work every day! I tried to get him another pair but it seems the concept of selling wool socks in winter is unheard of. I bought CJ this
awesome pair at Wal-Mart some time ago. They are by far, the best that he
has. . .anyway, when I went looking for another pair a couple weeks ago, the
lady told me to check back in August or September. Oh, I see, that’s when
people REALLY need wool socks. . .not in January or February when the weather is
cold! Great concept! So, I am left to wash socks every work evening! Wal-Mart is cool!

Ok, enough for now. I think the dog is starving. . .she won’t quit staring at me! Either that or I am having a really good hair day and she is just jealous!



My sweet friend Lisa!


  1. It's funny how "just living our lives" can take over sometimes. Hope your mom is doing better.

  2. Hey Amy!! We have missed you! I feel like have been in a rut too, and i haven't been reading many blogs either. i hope to see you soon:) hehe