In service. . .

As strange, different, backward, etc. as this may sound. . .I LOVE serving my husband and my boys.

It's what I do. . .

It's what I LOVE to do. . .

It makes me feel happy! It makes me feel complete. It makes me feel full!

I love waiting on them, cooking for them, baking for them, giving them all haircuts, making them all feel special.

I brings me joy to show my husband how much I appreciate him for working a physically hard and dirty job, and giving 110% while doing it, so that I can live my dream of being a stay at home mom.

I love to serve them all dinner, together, at the table, every evening.

I love to occasionally stay up late just to make sure that the warmest pair of wool socks have been washed and dried and ready to go again for a cold day at work.

I love to run out in my robe in the early morning and start Chuck's car so that he can climb in to a warm vessel for the 45 minute ride to work.

I love to lay in bed and have deep, spiritual conversations with Chuck! I love to be the audience that he preaches to!

I love to run back to school before lunch time to deliver Jared a piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread that I forgot to put in his lunch, but promised I would.

I love waking up extra early every work day to make sure my husband has a full lunch box and a warm travel mug of coffee for the road!

I love sneaking out of the house sometimes just to take Chuck's car to the gas station to fill it up so he doesn't have to stop in the morning on his way to work.

Do you know why I love to do all of this stuff?

Because nobody EXPECTS it. Every single one of my dear boys and husband are THANKFUL for every single thing that I do!

They make it easy for me!

They are not spoiled because they don't expect. They are all loved because they are appreciated!

And I am blessed because I acknowledge that my husband is the spiritual head of our household. He doesn't lead us like a tyrant, he leads us with love.

Be blessed HERE.

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  1. wow!! this is awesome and inspiring. thanks for sharing! they are blessed to have you.