Happy 15th Anniversary Mom and Daddy Bob!

Sending warm, loving wishes to two people that love me unconditionally!

Fifteen years ago today, my Mom and Step-Dad sealed their love in marriage!

My Step-Dad not only got a wife, but two daughters which he has loved JUST LIKE HIS OWN from day one!

I also not only got a Step-Dad, but a step-brother as well!

I LOVE you Mom and Daddy Bob! Congrats!!!!!!

Christmas 2008

From Left: John &Jill (My sister) - Jason (Step-brother) &Tammy - Me & Chuck
Front: Bob & Mom

Bob & Mom Christmas 2007

Mom & Bob's wedding was so beautiful it inspired me to get married while the church was still decorated for Christmas as well! Who would have know then that 2 days shy of two years later I would also be marrying the man of my dreams! The funny part is that I didn't even know Chuck when Mom & Bob got married. . .I brought a different date to their wedding! Haha!

Be Blessed!


  1. You've got a beautiful family. Congrats to your Mom and Step-Dad!

  2. Visiting from JAM's site. Beautiful family and handsom boys! I have 3 also.