Blue eyes and missing underwear!

And to think that I get to wake up to these eyes every morning!

Nolan just ran through the house looking for his underwear. . .he stopped just long enough to pop a "spicy seedweed" in his mouth.

1)A spicy seedweed is a Hot Tamale Candy (spicy cinnamon)

2)Last time I looked, his underwear were on his behind. . .now. . . his behind is bare and his underwear are on the lamb!

I love the unpredictable moments of my life!

Be Blessed!


  1. I thought you were going to say the hubs was missing his underwear! LOL, I was gonna say "Amy, an "Adult Content" warning would have been nice!" hehe! I should know better, you're such a little sweetie!

    By the way, I have been rocking my earrings you made for me about 3 times a week and people LOVE them! I think you should send me some business cards so I can give them to people when they ask! :)

  2. Did you find the undies? Naked kiddos...So Funny!
    I remember those days, mine don't run naked much anymore which is a good thing considering Zakk is 13!
    Have a good one!