I'm Back. . .Back in the Blogging Groove!

Wow!  It's been quite a long time!  Like. . .a really. . .really. . .LOOOONNNNGGGG time!  It wasn't you, it was me.  I promise!  I needed a break.  Between my husband starting his junior year (full time) at the University of Michigan and us completely gutting and renovating our home. . .BY OURSELVES - WHILE LIVING THERE - WITH THREE CHILDREN. . .over the past year, I was tired.  Dog tired!  I needed to take a break from something. . .and by something, I mean Inked Owl!  But. . .

My break is over and I'm back!  Back with fresh ideas, rockin' second hand fashion finds, DIY projects, new yummy dishes, you name it, I've got it. . .fresh!

I shall start you off with the best "new" designer looking deal that I have stumbled across in a long time.  Ladies may I present to you. . .Tarjay chic:

Can you believe this beauty will only set you back $27.99?  It was totally sold out online so I made a trip over to my local Target store and found one!  Actually, I found 3. . .hiding behind a load of other dresses. . .on the back wall. . .like a wicked stepchild!  I bought the small, but as of last week, there was still 1 size medium and 1 size large.  Send me a message if you would like me to pick one up for you!  It seems to be the "bargain dress of the season" on all of the fashion blogs!!!  The best part about it is that it fits great and is machine washable!  I'm all about avoiding the dry cleaners!!!
Moving right along. . .every shift dress, or pair of leggings, or pair of skinny jeans, needs a great pair of shoes.  Let me tell you girls. . .I am in the business of buying shoes!  When I found these wedge booties on clearance at Target for just $24.98 a pair. . .I was smitten!  So smitten in fact, that I bought them in 2 different colors. . .Taupe and Black! 

Women's Merona® Kamoni Wedge Bootie

I wore the black pair out to dinner the other night and then walked around the mall in them and they were totally comfy!  I honestly couldn't tell that I was wearing a budget pair of booties!  They looked ultra chic too!  Double thumbs up!!!

So there you have it!  Fashion on a budget.  And when I say budget, I mean BUDGET!!  With the hubs going to school full time and my job as the only source of income, I have to get really creative to keep up with the trends!  Creative can be fun though. . .and challenging!  I'm always up for a good challenge!

What do you think?  Could you make a budget dress look ultra chic?

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