It felt like we were getting engaged all over again!

CJ and I headed out yesterday evening with some coffee in hand to do a little sunset photo shoot!!!  I had my doubts as to how things were going to turn out since I had just come from a dentist appointment where half of my face was numbed up so I couldn't feel the two cavaties being filled!  I told CJ to make sure he captured my "good side". . .ie. . .the one that wasn't drooping!

We had the BEST time!!  It was like we were 20 years old again and celebrating our engagement!  All that fun and I was still in my work clothes!!!

He even squeezed in a couple pretty decent ones of me while testing his focus and lighting!

Ahhh spring!  Drink it in!


  1. hi guys this is phil,realy nice pics the best part is to see the love. have great evening.