Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy "Love" Day everyone!!  This morning started out with a little treat from Chuck and I to our wonderful boys!!!  I love giving surprises!  When the boys awoke, they found a batch of Flourless Chocolate Oatmeal cookies (Note:  I used 1/2 cup sugar in place of the Splenda, and 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce in place of the oil. . .I also tossed in a scoop of chocolate protein powder) and a Lego gift especially for each of them!!!  They were waiting outside my bathroom door when I got out of the shower to see if they could eat cookies for breakfast, and build their Lego sets!!!  Yes, yes, and. . .yes!  Little did they know that their fudgey breakfast treat contained protein!  Gotta love hidden goodies!

I am SUCH a creature of habit.  I crave routine.  I thrive on organization!  This all sounds peachy keen right?  Well, not when you're talking weight loss and muscle confusion!  Since I don't have a ton of weight left to lose, my progress is slow and steady.  To keep from hitting that dreadful plateau, I have to keep switching things up so my body doesn't get used to the process!  Well. . .over the past 5 weeks, I have switched things up and confused my body enough to drop 12.4 lbs.  I am in the final week friends!!!  I am literally 5 days away from winning the grand prize!  I had to go drastic this week!  Not drastic like. . .quit eating or something stupid like that, but drastic like, pull my hindquarters out of bed at 5:30am and hit half of my day's cardio BEFORE my day begins!

I LOVE my sleep!  When my alarm started buzzing this morning a full 40 minutes before it usually does, I debated if getting up "early" was totally worth the extra effort!  After dragging myself out of my warm cocoon, putting on my workout clothes, and getting my blood flowing. . .I KNEW my decision was a good one!  So. . .I will try this "morning cardio" for the week and see if I can drop more than my consistent 2 lbs!!!  Heck. . .it's worth a shot!  I mean, every lb counts in this final week!

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