Easy Peasy!

Well. . .day #2 of the early wake-up cardio went off without a hitch!  Once I get into the routine of getting up and doing half of my cardio before the chickens, I will probably have a hard time stopping. . .which. . .is probably a good thing. . .right?  I also found that 30 minutes of spinning in the wee hours of the morn gives me a chance to catch up on the morning news. . .something I haven't done in a year or so!  I arrive at work feeling SO knowledgeable of current events!  Like the poor Grammy broadcast lady that had the mini stroke or something while on camera. . .how horrible!

Chuck and I are planning our monthly date for Saturday.  Actually I am planning the date. . .it's my month. . .so I can't reveal all the details, but it includes dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market. . .I made reservations for 4pm to beat the dinner rush and so we can enjoy the rest of the evening's events!  I can't WAIT to dig in since my weight loss challenge will officially be over and I can splurge a little!  Now to figure out what to wear. . .any suggestions?

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