Blessed to be Blessed!

Look what was delivered to my doorstep yesterday!  Yes, a brand new Kitchen Aid Professional Series stand mixer!  This is something I have wanted since I was a young girl and never received. . .until now!

Who blessed us you ask?  My Mother-in-law!  The great baker that she is, decided to send us our Christmas gift a bit early!  The best part was that it arrived just in time for my birthday (today)!!!!! 

We hardly had it out of the box when the boys in the house were trying to decide what I should make with it first!  I see cinnamon rolls in our near future!

Thanks Carol!  You really don't know just how much you blessed us!


  1. What an AWESOME gift!!!!! You will LOVE it!! Happy birthday too BTW!!! I hope you have a super sweet day!!

  2. You'll have to blog about how you like it. I've toyed with wanting one too. Would I bake more? I dunno! Happy birthday!