It's all about re-inventing. . .


If you are here from http://www.amyhonestlyblog.blogspot.com/ . . .thank you for making the journey!

Why a new blog you ask?

Well, it's all about priorities. 

It's all about being the person I'm supposed to be. . .

It's all about re-inventing myself to fit the image that God has for me. . .not the image I have for myself.

It's time now. . .time to do what we were called to do.  We (CJ and I) are done wandering in our desert. 

Big changes being made within me. . .within us.

Goals need to be accomplished. . .the junk needs to be cleaned out. . .life needs to become ministry.

Be prepared for truth, honesty, and the pursuit of the Savior.

I invite you along on our road trip!


  1. can't wait to see the new you:) not that i didn't like the old you!