I would like to add. . .

Not only is my life going through a state or re-invention, and my living room in a state of re-model. . .our main circuit on our electrical box went bad today. . .you know, the main switch that allows electricity into the house? Yes indeed. . .that one!

So, because the box is so old, we couldn't just replace the main breaker. Yummy! We had to put in a whole new box and re-run all the wires, and be without electricity the entire day, yada, yada, yada! In a few words. . .A HUGE JOB!

Thank the Lord my hot husband can do EVERYTHING!!! He is a seamstress, an auto mechanic, an ironworker, a woodworker, an artist, a hairdresser (did I ever tell you about the time he gave me the BEST haircut I have ever had?) and now. . .an electrician! I do have to admit that my Dad (who just so happens to be an electrician) did a phone consult. Thanks Dad. Unfortunately, a phone consult was all he could offer since he is working for the next year in Alabama. Anyone ever been to Gulf Shores? He wants us to come visit. He says it's beautiful. . .

Anyway, back on topic. . .all the stuff about my husband only gets better when I show you the t-shirt he was wearing today:

Really?  Can it get any better?  I'm just sayin'!

So, now I need to pick a new paint color for the living room. . .it is currently a light brown called Dusty Trail. . .I need change. . .kind of thinking something funky. . .please help me!  My workers gave me the entire color wheel of like 10,000 different colors and told me to pick.  I get overwhelmed easily.

I am officially overwhelmed.

I (pretty please) need some suggestions!

BTW - the floor is hardwood, the trim is white, and the couches are a blue gray (but old so I'm not really concerned with matching the walls to the couches since I would like to replace those in the near future).  Hot hubs is going to build me a new TV stand / entertainment center (smaller than what we have now) that I want to paint black.  NOW HELP ME PICK A WALL COLOR!!!!  Seriously. . .I'm open to anything!

No pressure, but I need to tell them what color I want, like, first thing Wednesday morning.  OVERWHELMED!!!! 

I think I'm being tested by God.  Nuff said!


  1. we did a porpoise gray...I love it! You can bring out the shades in it with any accent. a little hint, find out what colors go into the color you choose before you purchase it. for instance, if the brown you choose as a red mixed into, it will look pink with burgandy accents. make sense? i hope so! good luck!

  2. i had blue/gray furniture too. so i have two walls that are a blue and 2 walls that are a charcoal gray. i love it. i have sense moved the couchs to the basement but i now have a cream colored couch and loveseat and a blue recliner. if you would like to see the colors lmk and i will post a couple of pics for you.

    andrea is the paint expert! she did a lot of investigating and planned very well when she painted her whole house. so listen to her great advice! b/c i learned the hard way.

  3. I love re-modeling blogs!!! And BTW, I think you look great considering the chaos you are living in!!(read your last blog) I know how it is, we just went through it and are taking a much needed break from it! I think a mix of tanish gray would be cool, if I had a name for the color I am thinking of, it would be "mushroom"! It wouldn't be so "cold" of a color as you had mentioned with the gray, and you could accent it with pretty much any color. And I have to say I like "accent walls"!! My husband doesn't understand why I chose TWO colors for every room...oh well...end the end, he really likes them! :)
    Anyway, sorry, i have been going out on a limb and commenting on people's post I don't even know!!
    Can't wait to see the big reveal!!