Just Playin' Around

Yesterday was "Opening Day" for the Triumph Academy musical production of The Emporer's New Clothes. Jared starred as one of the Emporer's Guards. It was really cute! I was impressed with how hard the teachers and students worked to make their musical a hit!

I used my VERY LIMITED sewing and crafting skills to make Jared's costume. For a brief moment while putting it together, I almost felt like a contestant on Project Runway! Haha! Make that. . .Project Runway - Kings and Castles! After the 1:00 performance yesterday, Jared came to me and told me that the other guard didn't have a costume. So, I got back to work, and created the other little guy a matching costume before their 7:00 performance. Jared informed me that I'm now the coolest Mom ever because I helped his friend out. The other little guy was beaming at the evening show! It's all about the small things!

Only one more show to go! Tonight's 7:00pm performance will be the last. . .until next year! Jared is already excited to audition for next year's choice! I thank God that my children enjoy being in front of people. My husband hates doing anything in front of a large group. I thrive on it! I'm glad that our boys inherited my genes for that!

Bravo Jared. . .BRAVO!

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