I have lost something. . .

My first tooth! Way to go Connor!
Since we don't believe in the Tooth Fairy at our house, I gave Connor $2. . .Daddy gave Connor $5 (show off). . .the neighbors gave Connor $2. . .and big brother Jared gave Connor $1.

We are now heading to Target to extinguish the fire from the money burning a hole in his pocket!

You have to excuse the tear stained face. . .that goes hand in hand with Daddy pulling out his first tooth. The tears were more from anticipation than pain!

And. . .
Like a moth to a flame. . .Nolan had to have his picture taken too as soon as he saw the camera!


  1. Goodness gracious! Is Conner a spitting image of his Daddy or what? Right now there pics are side by side on your blog and it's ridiculous! Red shirts and all :)

  2. oh the first tooth is so fun!! yay connor!