It snowed earlier so I made snowmen!

Every word I say is true!

1. It did snow here today and,

2. I did make snowmen. . .15 of them to be exact. . . just not out of snow. . .

My mom is a "Basket Case"! Just Kidding, she is a rep. for the Longaberger Basket Company and she is having a holiday open house at her home tomorrow afternoon. I thought it would be adorable to spice up the party with these super cute snowmen coffee stirrers! They are totally easy and fun to make:
Cut a slice off the top of one large marshmallow and squish to make smaller. Place on top of another marshmallow; add a Junior Mint hat. The eyes are chocolate sprinkles and nose a slice of orange gummy fish. I purchased coffee stirrers and fit a round toothpick in the top of the stirrer and stabbed it through the center of everything to hold it all together. Poke holes with a wet toothpick before applying the face. Easy as pie!
About the snow. . .none of it stuck, but it was cool to see the first snow of the season.
I've been wanting to give something away lately. . .I'm thinking that I will give away an Amy Honestly bracelet and earrings, and keychain as soon as my followers hit 10. . .it's at 5 now. So, if you lurk. . .join my followers and you may have the chance to win something nice for yourself for the Holiday season! All of my followers will be entered to win. . .so watch for it to hit 10! I'll keep you updated on the giveaway!
I'm struggling with a headache and I still have to make some pumpkin spice cookies for tomorrow so I think I will bid you adieu for the night!
I can't wait to tell you what I found at Goodwill this afternoon you're not going to believe it. . .tune in tomorrow for the big reveal!
I think it's hilarious that I call my Mom a "basket case" and she likes it!

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  1. LOVE those snowmen!!! How adorable!! I am going to make some:)