Where does the time go?

Wow, I just looked. . .it seemed like I just blogged a couple of days ago. Well, if a couple of days means a week, then giddy-up! Yikes! The least I can do is squeeze in a little diddy before I head to pick up CC from school!

Life here at the homestead has been a literal mess. You see, about two years ago our neighbor boy lost control of his "new" car and stopped only when he hit our house. The car didn't actually go through the wall, but it did break all of the studs in the wall in half. Insert blessing here. . .well, since the vinyl siding on our house was about 15 years old and yellow and faded, and we could no longer find matching siding we, with the insurance money, were able to completely re-side the entire house. Because hubby did the work, and didn't pay a contractor, we also had enough money to purchase a new washer and dryer too! So, the studs were replaced, the house was re-sided and the laundry was full steam ahead. Since the damage to the inside of the house was just drywall repair in the utility room closet (just so happened that the part of the house that he hit was the large walk in storage closet in the utility room) we figured we would just keep the closet door closed (like we do all the time) and fix it when we got around to it. Guess what we finally got around to doing this weekend?

Now, fixing a wall of drywall might not seem like a large mess to you, however, keep in mind that this was a large walk in storage closet in our utility room; aka catch-all for everything that you have no idea where else to put! It had to be completely emptied, so the drywall could be fixed, and a fresh coat of paint could be applied to the ENTIRE closet. I have closet "stuff" in every single room of my house! AARG! Have you ever lived through drywall mudding and sanding? OH MY GOSH, it gets everywhere no matter how hard you try to block door cracks, wet sand, tarp things off. . . It's like a fine coating of pure disaster. Because the mud has to dry in-between coats and then the paint has to be totally dry before one can start placing things back on shelves, the once deemed "weekend" project is really not so "weekend". Good news is that the paint should all be dry by tomorrow and I can start to return my house to some type of sanity. I guess I really should be used to this. . .the story of our house has been gutting and remodeling every single room in the past 8 years we have lived here. On second thought, maybe that's why I cringe at the thought of another project that somehow spreads "stuff" throughout every room in the house. Can I get a witness?

All complaining aside, I must now stop and thank God that I have a house, a husband that is multi-talented and a whiz at fixing things, and the eyesight to see the closet clutter that has creeped into all of the rooms. It's thanking Him in the little things that forces me to turn to Him in ALL things!

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