It's been a "bump"y road. . .

So, CC, my darling middle son, has had a VERY LARGE BUMP on his shin for over 6 months. When I first noticed it, I thought it to be a mosquito bite gone haywire. . .but the bump never got better and went away as mosquito bites do. As a matter of fact, it has been crimson red, warm to the touch, and hard as a rock for months. Well, to make a long story short, we have been through 3 antibiotics, an x-ray, an ultrasound, and had it lanced twice, and it still looks like this (warning: yucky image to follow so be prepared):

The doctors thought it was an abscess, but both times when they lanced it, only a little bit of blood and gas bubbles came out, no puss. Yep, I said that correctly. . .gas bubbles. CC likes to tell people that his "bump" toots! Ah, boys! From the picture, it looks to be white on the top, however that is just some flaky skin from where it is healing from the last time it was lanced.
Our doctor, who happens to also be a great personal friend of ours, called the other day to see how the "bump" was doing. Since it is neither getting worse, nor better, and no one can seem to figure out what it is, he decided he wanted to lance it one more time and try one more antibiotic, to see if we could get it taken care of. So, off to his office we went today at lunch time. After about 30 minutes, and several kleenex soaked with horse tears from a VERY brave 5 year old, the bump has been lanced and packed with gauze (too keep it open). . .again!
Now I know what you must be thinking. . .I claim to be a Christian that trusts 100% in the power of Jesus. If I believe that Jesus can save my soul, then I must equally believe that Jesus, the Great Physician, can heal my son's leg bump. Well, I do, and I do. We are not a family that rushes off to the doctor when we get sick. Conventional medicine is just not for us. All of this doctor who-ha with CC's leg has really been my doings. I HATE THE UNKNOWN. I despise not knowing what is causing this bump and why it won't go away. CC is my love. He is part of me. The not knowing is so unsettling. Anyway, I started the doctor and test ball rolling when my patience grew thin on waiting for God to take care of business. Here I go again, thinking that I know better how to take care of my son then the God who created him and sent him to us as a blessing. COUNT IT AS THIS. . .this was my one last human stand at figuring out the "bump". The doctor said if this doesn't fix it, then the next step is surgery. This, we don't want to have to do. so, my friends, I am asking that you PRAY. PRAY for CC that the Lord heal his leg. Pray also for me, that the Lord give me a heaping helping of FAITH that He can do all things!
I believe that by placing ALL of my Faith in Him, I will live a truly blessed life. Miracles are not just things that we read about in the bible. . .they happen. . .everyday. Just watch and see. . .a miracle is about to happen in our lives. . .right before your very eyes! All I need to do is reach out and grab the hem of His garment!

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