Listen up everyone. . .I'm BACK!

Are you sure you want to delete your Google account? By hitting delete you will not only delete your account, but everything associated with that account. Would you still like to delete? Yes, yes, yes. Where the heck did my blog go? Why does it say it has been deleted by me? Oh CRAP, blogspot is run by Google. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. . .

Well, I'm back with a vengence, just with a slightly different blog address. Go me! I rock! Sorry it took me so long. . .I was hoping to get my old address back, but no bananas.

Things have been steaming ahead the past couple of weeks. I'm now down to 131lbs. My hair has grown 14 inches, and I currently looking for tradeshow, product representation work. Ok, about the hair thing. . .I bought clip in extentions, but WOW, I totally love them! They are human hair (gag - but I'm over it now) and they totally look like my real hair!

I'm still on the hunt for a new best friend, and also a part time sitter / nanny. If anyone knows someone - holla at me! It would be great if I could kill two birds with one stone and get a sitter / nanny that wants to be my best friend. I like to consolidate my life. New best friend / nanny must like to fold clothes, change poopy diapers, and dust. Ok, so I'm looking for a sitter / nanny / house cleaner person! WHATEVA!

Hubby has been working hard. . .lots of overtime means bigger cash flow at the abode! Trying to pay stuff off - always a bummer - but quite the necessity! Debt free=happy me!

Had quite the photo shoot experience last night. . .

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  1. Look at you, you sexy beast! YAHOO! You look great! I about freaked when I saw the hair...hehehe. May you have a blessed day! Love the T girl